Hello, I'm

Karim Jaouhar

I'm a Computer Science Graduate from York University, I am passionate about exploring the vast field of computer science and continually expanding my knowledge and skill set.

I have a strong foundation in data structures and algorithm design, as well as experience in software development, cybersecurity, machine learning, and web development. I am continually seeking opportunities to apply my skills and provide value to a team.

My Projects

  • Encryption
  • PyKMIP
  • VM
  • Linux

Key Management System (PyKMIP)

Setting up a Key Management System on 2 Linux Ubuntu virtual machines using the open source PyKMIP Library to preform key creation, destruction, and data encrypting, and decrypting.

  • Prolog

2x2x2 Cube AI Solver

A prolog program using meet-in-middle algorithm to solve 2x2x2 Rubik's cube representation.

  • Java
  • MySQL
  • JUnit
  • JDBC

Smart Fridge Inventory Software

The Smart Fridge Inventory System (SFIS) is a software application developed as a group project by my group for the EECS3311 course.

  • ESP32
  • C
  • P5.js
  • ML
  • Tenserflow

LSTM Boxing Classifier

This project aims to classify boxing punches using an LSTM model and the data streamed using ESP32 Bluetooth